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We elevate our clients’ reputations and brands in their community by creating and implementing smart and strategic marketing and communication plans.

Led by Andrea Kennedy, Spread Your Word Marketing Group is a small business marketing agency that services and supports local professional services firms.

Spread Your Word Marketing Group was founded on the belief that thriving businesses are the cornerstone of a thriving community.

We are passionate about raising the bar for local businesses and then supporting their efforts to reach new heights.

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Andrea Kennedy

Andrea Kennedy

Founder & Chief Strategist

Andrea Kennedy is the Founder and Chief Strategist of Spread Your Word Marketing Group.

When not working with her clients, Andrea, a self-professed marketing junkie and community builder, can be found around the Durham Region teaching and leading at places like the Spark Centre, UOIT, and the Whitby Chamber of Commerce.
Amy Breedon

Amy Breedon

Project Lead

Also known as a Jill of All Trades, Amy’s job includes a little bit of everything and she likes it that way – it keeps things interesting.

Most importantly, her goal is to keep projects organized and to ensure clients are happy, confident and know exactly what is going on with their marketing efforts and goals.

Kristie Arbour

Lead Designer

Kristie is the maker of all things beautiful at Spread Your Word Marketing Group.

With an eye for details and a background in Marketing Design, her job is making your brand look great by creating print and web marketing materials that will get you noticed.

Marketing Matters

Many people who own small businesses, especially home businesses, don’t realize that you can still market your business offline and not just online. There are many ways to market your business offline that are very effective.



  • Try Unconventional Marketing Techniques – There are lots of neat ways you can get attention from sidewalk chalk, sticky notes left in random places, accidentally leaving branded premiums around, and even donating merchandise to others with your name on it. All of these ways will help get the name of your business noticed.
  • Remember the Business Card – Many people forget about business cards today, but they are super important because they offer you an easy way to give your information to anyone you meet. You could be at the grocery, doctor, or other event and meet someone who wants to know more about your business. The business card is the perfect way to do that.
  • Take Pictures and Videos – This method crosses from offline to online, but it’s something that you should definitely do. Take pictures of events, of a random moment in the day and more, to share online. These same images can be used in other venues too, for brochures and more.
  • Donate Prizes for Contests – Many charity organizations have events where they need prizes for contests. Find out where they are and when they are, and make your business a go-to business for these types of events.
  • Speak at Local Events – A really awesome way to get the word out about your business offline is to get on some speakers’ lists. You can always find a way to speak about something motivational and relate it back to your business in some way.
  • Use Direct Mail – Once you get a customer list, you can use direct mail to send marketing information to them. It’s so unusual these days for an online company to do it that it will get some extra attention from your customer.
  • Volunteer – The more you can volunteer in your local area, the more people will get to know you as someone they can count on. If you sell something that people need, whether a service or a product, those who get to know your name will seek you out based on your volunteering activity.

These traditional means of marketing your business offline are very effective and important ways to take your business to the next level. You can get a name for yourself locally as well as internationally – no matter what type of business you have.

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