April Showers bring… Indecision?What to do

Is it, or isn’t it? Is Spring finally here, or is Winter going to keep holding on?

Is it time to move forward and try something new, or is it better (read: ‘safer’) to stay where I am?

I know that I often feel bombarded by the number of decisions that I have to make in my day, beginning with things as simple as what to wear, and growing in complexity as my day goes on. When it comes to certain situations – like choosing service providers or solutions – the choices I have trip me up and sometimes leave me frozen and unable to decide.

Oftentimes I wait… I wait for someone to tell me what to do, to offer what I really need, to solve my “analysis paralysis” for me, because it is likely that I really don’t know what is best for me.

Failure is NOT an option

Although I often make decisions fairly quickly, and with a fair amount of certainty (likely because I have researched the bejeezus out of the thing), there are those times when I get paralyzed in the process. Often this happens when I am confronted with a decision that is outside the parameters of my experience, and revolves around something technical or complicated that is unfamiliar, and I don’t understand.

What I am looking for in that moment is direction, because left to my own devices I am more likely to do nothing than make what I feel might be a mistake. I don’t like to fail at things, and doing nothing feels safer than making a ‘wrong’ choice. Staying where I am, if it isn’t obviously hurting me, seems easier than taking a chance on something new… even if that something new may be better for me in the long run.

Make your Move

If you are an expert at what you do, the world needs you. If you know something, or many somethings, that could improve the lives of others – be it personally or professionally – tell us, or we’ll miss out. We need you to show up and share with us that you understand our challenges, and that you have a solution.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that your ideal clients want you to bombard them with unsolicited phone calls, visits, or emails. What I am suggesting is that you to reach out, in person or online, to connect and to share your knowledge and your expertise as often and in as many places as you can think of where your Ideal Client hangs out. If your Ideal Client is me, then I want to be so familiar with you and your offer that when I need what you have I know exactly who to call.

Whatever you do, don’t wait for me to come calling… I’m likely too busy trying to decide whether or not I even have a problem.