We often get asked “how do I secure testimonials and references from our clients?”

Testimonials are a great way to showcase your authority within your industry, as well as showing how great your past clients think you are at delivering your product or service. This can include the experience that you gave your client, the exceptional customer service that your client received and how your product or service benefited your client.

You will have much better luck securing references and testimonials if you either ask in-person, and/ or bake the requirement to provide one into your agreements with a client and do a face-to-face or phone interview. Sending someone a form to fill out asking for a reference is an invaluable and highly unsuccessful way to capture what you are looking for. Chances are your client will not fill out the form or even look.


Even if someone agrees to provide a reference, there is no guarantee that they will do it. It is up to you as the organization to identify:

WHO do you want to hear from,
HOW you want/need to receive the information (format),
WHAT you want/need them to say (so that you can coach them ahead of time).

It is important to remember that in asking for a reference, you are asking your clients to help you with something that does not benefit or aid them in the least. Reducing friction to enable them to help you needs to be the goal.

A question to consider: How easy can you make it for someone to provide a reference?

You should always remember that a reference or testimonial is a high-touch, high-value activity that can provide tremendous value to you and your organization. Allowing your target to EASILY provide their thoughts on the service they received while working with you is pertinent to the success of gathering the right testimonials that you’re looking for.