Believe it or not, a difficult economy is not the enemy. In fact, it is in a difficult economy that businesses are often challenged to rise above their current way of doing things and really evaluate where they are spending their time and money.

How do they do it?

For those businesses who take the bull by the horns, who are nimble and can think expansion instead of retreat, a difficult economy can be an opportunity to grab market share.

So what are some of the things you can do to be successful in any economy?

  1. Always show prospects and clients the advantages of investing with you versus someone else.
  2. Be clear what your prospects and client can expect in terms of their ROI (return on investment). Speak to results and time frames.
  3. Offer social proof at every opportunity, be it testimonials or case studies.
  4. Be excessively responsive; anticipate and address inquiries and concerns before the transaction
    has occurred.
  5. Show that you understand your client and their pain points, and position your product/service/offer as the best solution to their challenges.

Bottom line, there are small business owners thriving right now. What they are doing differently is communicating value
rather than obsessing about selling. When you make building relationships your priority, when you reach out with solutions instead of pushing product, you will start to influence perceptions of your worth and your value.

If you really want to thrive in any economy, you must answer your prospect’s most important question:  “What’s in it for me?”