Building a Compelling Presentation.

When you consider growth opportunities for your business, there is no doubt in my mind that you are thinking about how you can expand your existing customer base. Even if your business is doing well, most business owners don’t want to rest on their laurels. Unless everyone in the world is using your product, then you still have work to do.

The questions you are likely asking yourself are: How do I find new clients to buy my products or services? and, What methods can I use to attract new people? But before you worry about where these prospects are, and how you are going to get in front of them, it is critically important that you consider what you are going to say to them when you get the chance.

Read on for some tips on how to develop a presentation that will really deliver results…

Know your audience.
The best presentations begin before you have even put pen to paper. How can you create an effective presentation without knowing who your potential clients are and what they need? You are going to need to perform some background work to figure out what your prospects want, not just what you have to offer.

Make it your mission to find out all that you can about your prospective new clients. Any information can be helpful to building a convincing pitch. Analyze your customers from all sides to see where you can get a foothold.

Ask questions.
If you want to know something the best way to find out is to ASK! For an online business, set up questionnaires or ask these questions in blog posts and wait for feedback. If you can talk to the potential client before pitching to them, then do so. One, it shows interest in their needs and it also means you are doing your due diligence.

Talk ABOUT them, not just TO them.
Create a presentation that has your prospect’s need at heart. It is easy to pitch a product and forget all about the needs of the client. But, if you want them to actively listen to you, then you need to integrate them into the equation from the word go.

For example, if your prospect is sensitive about animal rights, then don’€™t give them a hard line kind of presentation. Show that your product is sensitive as well by demonstrating that no animal testing was used in the making of your product. Tell stories that relate to your product and the ability of said product to meet your prospect’s specific needs.

Apply these tips to make your presentation stand out from the rest. If you can capture and keep your prospect’s attention, you are that much closer to sealing the deal.