Often we hear people talk about the online world as a mysterious place that they are utilizing for themselves and their businesses, but perhaps not the best that they should or could be.

Showing up online is critical. It is the very first place that someone that is researching you will find you. Research, purchases and decision making happens online. Businesses often forget to take a step back and ask themselves “is my business showing up really well?” We go to Google to find new information, new opportunities and to learn new things. Your online presence validates who you are.

Are you not only showing up online, but shining online? Recently, Andrea Kennedy was seen on Rogers Daytime talking with Sandi Grant about online presences and shining online. You can view the show here: http://rogerstv.com/page.aspx?lid=237&rid=2&gid=231085.

Leaving you with a task; Google yourself. A great first step when analyzing your online presence is Googling yourself and asking yourself if you like what you see. Take a step back and view your online profile and your business from the perception of your target audience. Would a prospect choose you based on your online presence?

Let us know your results from Googling yourself. Were you shocked at the results? Did you show up exactly how you wanted? Send us an email at amy@spreadyourword.ca or post a comment below.