When you are looDeathtoStock_Wired4king for a compelling success story, it makes sense to focus in on enthusiastic clients who have had terrific experiences with you. They tend to be open and free with their praise, and willingly share their story with you. However, it can also be very compelling to hone in on the unexpected success story, the business that doesn’t represent the ‘traditional’ client for your business. This presents an opportunity to show a different side, or a broader range for your business than others might expect of you.

Once you have identified your ideal clients from your pool of existing customers, here are some key questions to ask:

  1. Who is the ideal Success Story candidate?
    • Industry
    • Business Size
    • Specific technical challenge
  2. What was the challenge they identified?
    • What was the underlying problem that you identified is causing their pain?
  3. What solutions did they try first?
    • What was the solution that you offered?
  4. What are the tangible, measurable, results that they are experiencing because of your help?
  5. How do they feel now that the solution is in place?
  6. What is the one reason they would recommend or talk about your solution?

If you are building success stories while working with new clients, here are some of the key questions and the timing:

At beta:

  1. What was the challenge you were facing that finally compelled/forced you to take action?
    • What was the cost to your business of not having this problem solved?
  2. What solutions did you try before finally turning to us?


  1. What was your experience like working with us?
  2. How do you feel now that the solution is in place?

4-6 weeks later at a Customer Service check in:

  1. What are the tangible, measurable results of having the problem solved?
  2. How do you feel now that the solution is in place?

If you have questions about writing success stories for your business, let us know so we can help!