Get ahead of the Competition in 2015

Get ahead of the Competition in 2015

Edge Out Your Competition in the Highly Competitive Markets of 2015 Online and off, competition is fierce. Consumers are holding onto their money more carefully. In order to thrive in this highly competitive market it is critically important that you find and hone your edge. How can you do it? Here are some strategies for you […]

Our Community Celebrates… does yours?

With an all-star cast of local, national and international celebrities and personalities on hand, the Spark Centre literally rocked downtown Oshawa on June 25th with the Ignite Finale 2013. This gala evening was organized to celebrate homegrown entrepreneurship and success. With the help of Timothy Ferriss, author of the famed The 4-Hour Work Week and […]

Do you shine online?

Day in and day out, technology continues to change the way we live our lives. Laptops, tablets and smart phones have effectively made communicating online the norm, and this has changed the way we plan our days, organize our lives, and do business. For many, their phone is the last thing they put down at […]

Decisions, decisions…

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April Showers bring… Indecision? Is it, or isn’t it? Is Spring finally here, or is Winter going to keep holding on? Is it time to move forward and try something new, or is it better (read: ‘safer’) to stay where I am? I know that I often feel bombarded by the number of decisions that […]

Are you stuck in a rut?

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Are you stuck in a ‘new client’ rut? I am approached every day, by individuals and businesses trying to attract a steady stream of new prospects to their product/business/service. They ask me all kinds of questions, like: “Do you think networking is a good idea for me?” “Is print advertising worth doing?” “Do you think […]

Did you Connect.Women?

I spent a truly phenomenal afternoon on March 19th in the company of some of the best and brightest business minds and hearts in the Region. The Connect.Women event organized and hosted by the Whitby Chamber of Commerce was a first-class professional and personal development event that rivals anything I have attended anywhere else. Beyond […]

Time Management Tips for Busy Business Owners

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 Do you put the ‘B’ in busy? Does this sound anything like you? Perhaps you run a small bricks & mortar business, or maybe you are an independent business professional. Possibly you have an office you go to every day, or maybe it is a business you run out of your home. But, you are […]

Marketing Workout – Get your Leader on!

Do you need to build some marketing strength? If you want to truly marketing with meaning in your business, there are a few critical qualities you need to develop. These aren’t things that are taught in business school, but rather are qualities that I believe you must hone and improve by applying them in the ‘real’ […]

Dealing with business overwhelm

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Spread too thin? Being a business owner has its ups and its downs. Along with the freedom and enjoyment that comes from steering your own ship and not reporting to “the Man”, comes an incredible amount of responsibility. If, by chance, you are also the head of your household and you have the perfect recipe […]

Love the One you are With!

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Where is the Love? February is Love Month, and I have a question for you. Are you showing the love? No… I am not talking about loving your sweetheart, or showering your kids with affection, I am talking about your clients. And not the crazy stuff you do to attract new clients, but rather the […]

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