How to Identify your Ideal Customer

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The fact is about 20 percent of all your customers will generate 80 percent of your income. That is because the other 80 percent aren’t totally in line with your ideal customer. There is a way to improve your income exponentially, and that’s by hyper focusing on your ideal customer so that you can attract […]

Why You Need a Marketing Plan for Your Business

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A marketing plan is actually part of a business plan. It informs you how you’ll get the word out about your business to your audience. You don’t have to write a huge book about the marketing plan, but you do need to write out something to help you with marketing. Don’t move forward without a […]

Leveraging Community Events for Business

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The 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games wrapped up this weekend with the Parapan Am Games set to begin on August 7th. With several locations throughout the Durham Region being host to some of the Games, local businesses have the opportunity to leverage the events within their own community. Amy Breedon of Spread Your Word Marketing […]

What makes a Compelling Success Story?

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  When you are looking for a compelling success story, it makes sense to focus in on enthusiastic clients who have had terrific experiences with you. They tend to be open and free with their praise, and willingly share their story with you. However, it can also be very compelling to hone in on the […]

How do I get the RIGHT Testimonials?

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We often get asked “how do I secure testimonials and references from our clients?” Testimonials are a great way to showcase your authority within your industry, as well as showing how great your past clients think you are at delivering your product or service. This can include the experience that you gave your client, the […]

FITC – a must attend Technology Conference.

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As FITC wrapped up its 14th year, Spread Your Word Marketing Group has already marked our calendar for next year’s event. Briefly, because it would be impossible to describe this event in only a couple of sentences, FITC Toronto 2015 is a three-day professional celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, […]

Future, Innovation, Technology, Creativity – FITC Toronto 2015

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On Sunday, April 12 Spread Your Word Marketing Group’s leader, Andrea Kennedy, is going to be one of the MCs at FITC Toronto 2015! FITC is the premier conference attended by local and global innovators in Creative Technology. Hosted at the Hilton Toronto conference venue, run over the course of April 12 to 14, the 2015 […]

Rogers Daytime – How do you Show up Online?

Often we hear people talk about the online world as a mysterious place that they are utilizing for themselves and their businesses, but perhaps not the best that they should or could be. Showing up online is critical. It is the very first place that someone that is researching you will find you. Research, purchases […]

For Women, Breaking the Rules can be the Key to Success

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This past Sunday was International Women’s Day. In the Durham Region, the past two work weeks were filled with celebrations, including the Whitby Chamber of Commerce’s Connect.Women event. On Tuesday, March 10 I had the pleasure of attending a networking breakfast presented by Heart of Networking and the BACD, in honour of International Women’s Day. […]

Is your Marketing STICKy?

Last Thursday afternoon, I attended a workshop on the foundational elements of marketing presented by Andrea Kennedy at CORE21, in Oshawa. Through intent interest, questions and comments, it was clear the audience was engaged and walked away with a list of actionable items they were ready to apply to their business. The audience learned about the […]

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