Marketing Toolkit – B is for Brand

B is for Brand. What’s in a brand? It is difficult to choose one key marketing tool for the letter B because there really are so many… blogging, bounce-rates, just to name a few. However in the grand scheme of things, if I have to choose just one ‘B’ tool that you must have it has […]

Creating a Marketing Toolkit

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Marketing is really all about doing a lot of little things, that in the end add up to a desired result. Lots of us underestimate exactly how much work goes into doing even the ‘simplest’ of marketing tactics, or how much work SHOULD go into each activity. As we move into 2012, I thought I […]

Is your website really working for you?

Importance of Tracking the Performance of Your Website A lot of businesses begin they foray into the world of  web marketing by will launching a website, but fail to put any kind of tracking on them. This is okay in the very beginning stages of launching a website, but the moment you decide that the […]

Coping with Crisis in your Business

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Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, or a mompreneur, you are part of an elite and growing segment of the Canadian business population who have taken the plunge and stepped out on their own and for that, I say Congratulations! You may have made this decision out of necessity (downsizing, perhaps?), or because […]

5 Things you MUST do to thrive in any economy

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Believe it or not, a difficult economy is not the enemy. In fact, it is in a difficult economy that businesses are often challenged to rise above their current way of doing things and really evaluate where they are spending their time and money. How do they do it? For those businesses who take the bull by […]

The Silver Bullet is not a Marketing Strategy

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a thing as a ‘silver bullet’. No, I don’t mean that tasty, thirst-quenching beverage in the silver can, I mean a REAL silver bullet. That one single idea, action, item that could magically (and mysteriously) make everything in life and business all right? I know I would […]

Spread Your Word making a mark

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We are off and running and it feels great to have an opportunity to work with some incredible organizations in our community. Being able to make a difference, is a great feeling. When you think that you have reached your limit, and maximized your businesses potential, there are always other things you can do. Take […]

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