Marketing your Business Offline

Many people who own small businesses, especially home businesses, don’t realize that you can still market your business offline and not just online. There are many ways to market your business offline that are very effective.     Try Unconventional Marketing Techniques – There are lots of neat ways you can get attention from sidewalk […]

Do Employees and Social Media Mix?

Many employers are grappling with the question – should I ask employees to use personal platforms for promoting the business. At Spread Your Word Marketing Group, we believe that if you have employees who have bought in to the culture of the organization, and who are career professionals who love what they do, chances are […]

Social Media and the Wedding Industry on Rogers Daytime

Did you get a chance to see Spread Your Word Marketing Group’s Andrea Kennedy on Rogers Daytime this past week? If you missed it, take a look and learn how social media has changed from cutting edge to mainstream and how it has changed the wedding industry. Do you think social media has changed wedding […]

Spread Your Word in the community

Helping people who help people If you have spend any time at all on my website, or if you have ever met me, I hope that you have picked up on my biz/life mantra, which is help people, who help people, help more people. Well, to that end I am beyond excited to be partnering […]

Spread Your Word making a mark

Posted by on May 12, 2011 in Spread Your Word | No Comments

We are off and running and it feels great to have an opportunity to work with some incredible organizations in our community. Being able to make a difference, is a great feeling. When you think that you have reached your limit, and maximized your businesses potential, there are always other things you can do. Take […]

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